One week to go to The Big Give Christmas Challenge!

Double all donations made to iDE UK between the 6th – 8th December with The Big Give Christmas Challenge


iDE UK have been given an incredible opportunity to double donations made to us between the 6th – 8th December! As part of the Big Give Christmas Challenge The Waterloo Foundation has very kindly agreed to match the donations we receive in these three days!

This means that if we reach our target of £10,000 we could be investing £20,000 into helping poor farmers work their way out of poverty!

iDE UK works with thousands of poor small-holder farmers in Africa and Asia, adopting market-based solutions to help them work their way out of poverty. From experience we know that every £1 given to iDE UK creates an additional £10 in household income for farmers and their families. This means that a matched donation of £100 could result in a poor farmer being £2,000 better off!

Here are some of the wonderful things that your Big Give donation could do:

A donation of £25 will be doubled to £50, which could pay an iDE UK Field Officer’s wages for one week. Field Officers work with around 500 poor farmers each week, ensuring they grow the right crops at the right time of year and to make sure they have access to profitable market opportunities. The role also involves training and supporting local Farm Business Advisors, as well as working with local manufacturers to ensure they are producing quality goods that can be sold to local farmers.

A donation of £75 will be doubled to £150, which could pay for the installation of a treadle pump. This is vital for demonstrating the technology to local farmers, who can then invest in their own treadle pump in order to expand their farm business. Treadle pumps enable farmers to access large quantities of water in an easy, cheap and environmentally friendly way. Access to water is an essential part of increasing both the quality and the quantity of crops, leading to better nutrition and a higher income for poor farmers.

A donation of £250 will be doubled to £500, which could pay for the training of a Farm Business Advisor. Farm Business Advisors are individual entrepreneurs who deal with around 130 farmers each week, encouraging and equipping them to grow market orientated crops in order to create an income for themselves and their families. Farm Business Advisors are an invaluable source of knowledge and support for entrepreneurial farmers working their way out of poverty.

Remember, the challenge starts at 10am on Thursday 6th December (exactly one week today!) The online donation system can become congested and on occasions may crash. Please make your donation as close to 10am as possible to ensure that you get your donation matched!

We would appreciate any donation, no matter what the size, and all donations will go directly towards helping poor farmers work their way out of poverty. Please don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to make the maximum impact on global poverty from your donation.

Donate to iDE UK (but remember it will only be matched from 10am Thursday 6th – Saturday 8th!)


World Toilet Day 2012: iDE promotes toilets in Cambodia

iDE project is revo-LOO-tionising sanitation markets in Cambodia and around the world.

Toilets are not exactly glamorous, but installing and using a toilet is vital in ensuring people stay clean and healthy, and can save thousands of lives each year. iDE provide sustainable sanitation solutions in Cambodia and around the world through human-centered and market-led approaches that make a real difference.

iDE know that promoting sanitation means more than just making toilets and handing them out to the poorest villages. Our approach is to develop, manufacture and market toilets with local communities, ensuring all products are viable, sustainable and succeed in improving the lives of the poorest.

With only 23% of rural Cambodians owning their own toilet, the market and scope for providing toilets and improving sanitation is huge. When we started our project in Cambodia in 2009, we understood the barriers many poor families face in acquiring a toilet, such as social values, a lack of awareness and poor access to credit. That is why we use sanitation marketing and human-centered design to ensure the toilets satisfy local aspirations and needs. We have also partnered with VisionFund to offer low interest loans to help locals buy their own toilet. Over 31,000 easy latrines have been sold in the last two years in Cambodia and we aim to sell 100,000 more in the next two years!

Through adopting a Sanitation marketing (SanMark) approach, toilets are marketed as an aspirational purchase, meaning the local community are actively encouraged to buy and use a toilet not just for their hygienic benefits, but also as a symbol of prestige. This also means that demand creation for sanitation is no longer the sole burden of government and NGOs. This project has enabled local entrepreneurs to profitably create and supply high demands for sanitation, in larger numbers, a shorter time frame, and with lower costs than any sanitation program has previously been able to achieve. This project was first run in Vietnam from about 2002 and its success means it has now been rolled out in Timor Leste, Laos, Bangladesh, Nepal, Ethiopia and Zambia!

Through treating people as customers and not as recipients of charity iDE are able to move beyond asking “what is good for people?” to “what is important to people?” We can understand what people need and how their aspirations can be fulfilled, supplying life-changing products through sustainable market chains. We look at supply and demand in order to establish new supply chains, creating new opportunities for manufacturers, suppliers, sellers and customers.

Through promoting toilets as a desirable and aspirational purchase, and by making it much easier for the poorest families to access markets and buy a toilet, iDE are helping improve sanitation on a monumental scale throughout Cambodia and around the world.

iDE UK, supporting World Toilet Day 2012.

Find out more about iDE UK Sanitation projects now!