Photo of the day: How Honey can combat poverty!


iDE UK – Helping Asres out of poverty

Today we would like to share with you the story of Asres, and how iDE UK helped him combat poverty through honey production in Ethiopia.

Millions of smallholder farmers in Ethiopia struggle in an environment of limited government assistance, increased competition and insecure agricultural markets. Last year, iDE worked with over 6,000 beekeepers and pepper producers to help them improve their livelihoods. Producing honey means that beekeepers learn valuable business, marketing and negotiating skills whilst also providing an income for themselves and their families, meaning they can help themselves out of poverty.

Having joined the beekeepers cooperative Asres received training in beekeeping techniques as well as new business skills and a new box hive. Asres was then able to produce his own honey, provide an income for himself and his family, and work his way out of poverty.

This is just one example of the great work iDE UK has done across Africa and the globe in fighting poverty through sustainable business and agriculture.

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iDE UK and Innocent Drinks help Vietnamese farmers out of poverty

As Richard Reed stars in the TV show ‘Be Your Own Boss’,  iDE UK in partnership with Innocent Drinks are promoting entrepreneurship in rural Vietnamese farmers.

As the TV show ‘Be Your Own Boss’ encourages UK entrepreneurs to start up their own businesses, iDE UK shows how rural Vietnamese farmers are also setting up enterprises, but with many more obstacles and risks. Innocent Drinks, along with its founder Richard Reed, obviously understand the importance of entrepreneurship and have kindly helped us on a project focused on helping rural rice farmers in Vietnam using Fertiliser Deep Placement technologies.

Poor farmers in the Hiep Duc district of Quang Nam Province, Vietnam, produce too little rice at a very high cost. Inefficient use of fertiliser is largely to blame – water flowing through the rice terraces washes away fertiliser applied to surface soil. In a region where a third of families live below the poverty line and 90% of households depend on rice farming for their livelihoods, a solution to this problem could transform the lives of some of the world’s poorest people.

Fertiliser Deep Placement (FDP) technology ensures that fertiliser remains in the soil and does not go to waste. It is also incredibly simple – fertiliser is compressed into small pellets that can be placed by hand deep into the soil between rice plants. Over the past seven years FDP has proved successful in other provinces. Where fertiliser was applied before, crop yields have typically increased by 20-25% even when using 35% less of the main fertiliser. In some cases where previously no fertilisers were applied at all, crop yields doubled.

iDE, in partnership with the innocent foundation, is promoting FDP technology among local farmers in Hiep Duc while working with manufacturers in the region to produce fertiliser pellets using simple machines. Our goal is to generate demand for FDP among farmers and create a sustainable, local private sector network capable of producing and supplying the pellets, eventually creating a lasting market that will operate without outside assistance.

By the end of the three year project, we hope that 4,000 rice farming families will adopt the FDP method, achieving an increase in yield equivalent to £35 per household each year. So far, 89 families have adopted FDP, and initial tests have shown a 20% increase in crop yields as a result of FDP. Through their businesses, farmers are increasing their crops, making a profit and moving out of poverty.

Maybe the UK based entrepreneurs could learn a few things from these rural farmers in Vietnam..!

Moran by Design supports iDE UK

Helping rural farmers out of poverty one cauliflower at a time

iDE UK would like to thank Moran by Design for all of their generous help in designing our new range of posters and leaflets for free. We love the eye catching design and photography that perfectly captures the work we do!

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London based artist Sandra Shashou hosts exhibition for iDE UK


Last Tuesday iDE UK were invited to a private art exhibition hosted by London based artist, Sandra Shashou, at her house in Primrose Hill. As well as being able to view many of her original pieces and prints, Sandra also generously donated proceeds from the sales made on the night to iDE UK.

We all had a great evening with Sandra and enjoyed her artwork, which included mixed media collages of Margaret Thatcher, Nelson Mandela and Usain Bolt.

We would like to say a big thank you to Sandra for hosting the event and for everyone that came along to support us.

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