It’s iDE UK Awareness Week: Share to Inspire!

30th April – 6th May is iDE UK Awareness Week 2012. This year we’re raising awareness about female farming entrepreneurs – and we need your help!

At iDE UK we have long recognised the important role that women play in agricultural development. Women provide the majority of farm labour – including crop production, livestock development, and the provision and use of water for household and farming needs.

Although women do much of the work, they often lack the resources available to men. Given equal access to resources and control over their outputs, women farmers are as productive as male farmers. They are also more likely than their male counterparts to use their increased income to pay for children’s food, education and health care.

Recognising the significant size of the female farming segment and the important role that women play in agricultural production and household wellbeing, iDE UK ensures that women farmers are as likely as male farmers to benefit from our rural programmes.

This year iDE UK awareness week highlights the incredible contribution women make and gives you the opportunity to support female farmers, simply by sharing.

We invite you to share a stunning set of images via email, blogs, photo sharing websites….any way that you can, by simply passing on an image or two from the iDE UK photo blog or Pinterest page. By doing so you will be raising awareness of iDE UK programmes that create income and livelihood opportunities for impoverished farming communities.

Just a simple click or two and you can be changing lives.

Care to share?