About iDE UK

iDE UK creates income and livelihood opportunities for poor rural households. Founded in 2004, iDE UK is dedicated to ending poverty in the developing world not through handouts, but by helping farm families access the tools and knowledge they need to increase their income.

At iDE, we work with farmers and aspiring entrepreneurs living in poor rural areas all over the world. With them, we invest in what’s possible. We empower them to develop their land, create new business and establish market-based economies.

We find beauty in the simplicity of good design. Through innovative technologies we provide people the chance to build a long-term livelihood. We listen. We foster adaptive learning. We engage participation. We help them to discover, develop and produce their own technologies and find smarter solutions.

Together, we cultivate communities through improved access to water for health and agriculture. Our productive water solutions create and increase both food production and incomes. And with innovative drinking and sanitation technologies, we give rural households the basis for healthier and more dignified livelihoods.

For many people living in poor rural communities around the world, the problem isn’t lack of initiative – it’s a belief system. We are catalyst for change. We shake loose the status quo and encourage new ways of thinking and doing. iDE empowers individuals to create a better future. For themselves. For their families. For generations.

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One thought on “About iDE UK

  1. Dear sir,

    I am impressed with your services. I have a land in Tamil Nadul about 10,000 sq. feet.
    There is possibilities of having training center surrounded by herbarl tree like papaya. Through this center we can help poor people to empower their income. Please advise.



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