Andrew Marr supports iDE with BBC Radio 4 Appeal

Fantastic news! Andrew Marr will be presenting the BBC Radio 4 Appeal on behalf of International Development Enterprises UK on Sunday 2 Feb 2014 at 7:55AM & 9:26PM. Andrew has had a difficult year by anyone’s estimation. The former BBC news editor suffered a severe stroke in January 2013 and a year later after a long fight back to health he is aiming to “Do less, do better.” He is certainly doing better.


After recently returning to The Andrew Marr show, we are delighted that he has chosen to record the BBC Radio 4 Appeal  – a weekly radio programme highlighting the work of a charity and appealing for donations – to support us.

His commitment and support to iDE at this time is truly inspiring.

Andrew has been a keen supporter of iDE’s work since 2007. Watch the video and find out why!

“In a world of huge charities with big big bureaucracies I like the idea of getting money to the smaller charities who do the real work on the ground” – Andrew Marr, 2014

iDE certainly does this. We support over 100,000 farming families each year in Africa and Asia by providing training and facilitating loans to buy farming equipment like irrigation pumps, seed and fertiliser. As Andrew says:


“This is basic sustainable and highly practical help. It’s the old business of providing not fish but fishing rods and tackle. That’s why I support them so strongly and I hope you will too!

Listen on Sunday 2 Feb 2014 at 7:55AM and 9:26PMListen again that week online. It is also broadcast for a final time on the following Thursday at 3:27PM.

Please help us spread the word!


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