Toilet Tweet on World Toilet Day

World Toilet Day, Tuesday the 19th November is here. To mark the day, we want you to think about the benefits of toilets when you visit the lav today, and tweet your thoughts to @IDE_UK


Why toilets?

This might sound weird but toilets are amazing.

They help people stay healthy by preventing the germs in human waste from contaminating water sources, which has a huge impact of diarrhoeal disease. They limit open defecation which makes living conditions intolerable. And, by providing a private place to do your ones and two’s, they help women and girls stay safe from attack.

Toilets are one of the most basic human rights, yet one in three of the world’s population don’t have one.

This year, for the first time, World Toilet Day has been recognised as an official day by the UN, which is fantastic news!

What is iDE doing?

iDE has developed a network of local entrepreneurs who have sold over one hundred thousand unsubsidised toilets to rural poor communities in Cambodia.


Our approach – known as sanitation marketing – uses the private sector as the exclusive channel for delivering latrines (as opposed to heavily subsidised or free governmental or NGO distribution).

We work with local communities and apply world-class product design to develop toilets that are attractive to both consumers and supply chain enterprises, and encourage competition to ensure low prices and high quality.

As interest increases for new ways to address the Millennium Development Goals including the woefully off target goal relating to water, sanitation and hygiene – working through the market offers an exciting solution for reaching large numbers of people, quickly and sustainably.

Spending on sanitation has huge economic benefits – for every pound invested in sanitation and water, there’s around a £4 return. Health is improved, fewer days are lost to sickness, and girls stay on at school longer.

Read more about Sanitation Marketing here.

iDE was the runner up in the 2013 Sarphati Sanitation Award – find out more.


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