A Rugby player’s guide to Development

Meet Laurent Stravato, the iDE Country Director in Burkina Faso. Burkina Faso, which translates as the country of honest people is a sun-lit, land-locked country in the West of Africa.


Entrepreneur Laurent, testing a new irrigation system

Laurent  was responsible for setting up the iDE office in 2011 and assembling a team of dedicated local staff. Together they are working hard to improve the opportunities for smallholder farmers in Burkina Faso, especially with the use of drip irrigation which holds huge potential for this arid Sahel region.

Yet when it comes to time off, Laurent is still all about taking a strong and uncompromising stance to Development – the development of the National rugby team that is!

Rugby - Laurent

iDE Burkina Faso’s Country Director Laurent is in the centre of the photo!

Laurent coaches the National Rugby team, motivating them towards success.  Whether he’s at work or on the rugby field, he encourages others to TACKLE the obstacles in front of them, put in 100% effort, search for the opportunities to succeed and TRY for the best. The team may not have ever made any national leagues as yet, but Rugby is a popular sport that unites the country.

Luckily, the Minister of Agriculture is a huge fan of Rugby, so he really appreciates Laurent’s stalwart efforts in driving forward Burkina Faso, not just by increasing agricultural productivity, but by his indefatigable efforts with the National Rugby team.

To read more about the potential of Drip Irrigation in Burkina Faso – click here


2 thoughts on “A Rugby player’s guide to Development

  1. Great work! Fulgence Oedraogo is a current member of the French Nation team and Captain Of the Montpellier Club, and just so happens to be born in Burkina Faso!!!

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