Poor Vietnamese farmers reap benefits of innocent foundation and iDE UK project

Three year project to roll out Fertiliser Deep Placement technology (FDP) successful in helping poor Vietnamese farmers out of poverty.

This infographic shows the successes of the Vietnam project so far

iDE UK have teamed up with the innocent foundation, the charitable arm of innocent drinks well known for its delicious smoothies, to implement a project to help local entrepreneurs to manufacture and sell  FDP pellets to poor farmers, which enables them to work their way out of poverty.

Fertiliser Deep Placement (FDP) is an innovative technology that compresses high quality, nutritious fertiliser into small pellets, to be placed in the ground alongside the rice seeds. This ensures all the nutrients and goodness from the fertiliser goes straight into the roots of the plant, with none being wasted in the surrounding soil. This simple yet effective technology is proving to be hugely successful in helping subsistence farmers maximise on their crop productivity and incomes.

iDE UK and innocent foundation teamed up in 2010 for a three year project aiming to reach four thousand Vietnamese famers to help them increase their crop yields and their incomes. Adopting FDP technologies can increase crop yields by up to 100%, providing a huge opportunity for farmers to work their way out of poverty.

The project is centred on the region of Hiep Duc, which is one of the poorest provinces in central Vietnam, with one third of the area’s population living below the two-dollar a day poverty line.

The project also focuses on providing local entrepreneurs with the skills, technology and training to manufacture and sell the fertiliser pellets to ensure long-term sustainability. By the summer of 2012, 2,726 farmers were using the fertiliser technology, increasing income by an average of £35 per household.

The project has proved to be a huge success, so far beating many of its projected targets and providing thousands of poor famers a means of increasing their crop production and creating an income for themselves and their families.

This project proves that innocent do so much more than just make tasty drinks!


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